Practice Exam

 then click "Fetch". For the Practice Exam use Document ID: PracticeExamFinal
  • For Multiple Choice questions, go to the “Multiple Choice” item on the menu bar. There are two ways you can navigate between the questions. You can use the arrow buttons on the left to scroll up and down through the questions or you can click directly on the question in the list on the left. Your Multiple Choice Document ID is the same as your exam questions Document ID, with MC added to the end. For example, and to practice using the Multiple Choice questions viewer, enter PracticeExamFinalMC then click Fetch.
  • To learn more about Exam4, look at our Features and FAQ pages on the navigation area to the left.

    End Exam

    1. End your exam by clicking on the "End Exam" menu at the top of your screen and select "End Exam Now".  You will be prompted to confirm your selection.  Check the "Confirm" checkbox and click on "OK, end exam".
    2. A "File and Save Options" window will display.  Click on the "Submit Electronically" button.  Your exam will submit electronically and an information pop-up window will display explaining that your file has been stored on the server.  Click "OK".
    3. An "Exam submittal" window will display the status of your submission.  A receipt for the exam will automatically be saved on your computer.  Check the "I understand" checkbox and click "OK".
    4. Close the "Submit Exam Electronically" window.
    5. Go to the "File and Save Options" menu and select "Exit".
    6. If you are sure you want to exit, check the "I'm sure" checkbox and click on the "End/Exit Exam4" button.

    Troubleshooting TipThử kết hợp xổ số: If you are having issues connecting to the wireless, please give your laptop a minute or two to reconnect. If that doesn’t work, please restart your laptop and reconnect to the wireless network (you will have to re-launch Exam4 and “Select an existing exam” to upload your exam if you reboot).